The Challenge & Possibilities of the New Way of Aging
Intercultural Communication and Design

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About Manfred E. Keune, Ph.D

Intercultural Communication and Design

The most powerful tool we have as human beings is our language. Learning to use language in the most powerful and effective way, whether in personal communication or business, is the challenge of Intercultural Communication and Design. The design and maintenance of our identities have become of utmost importance, especially in the global community. In all of the strategies for living in the 21st Century, it is essential that we know how to use language as a tool to shape our destiny with fortitude and courage.

ICD has developed a core of workshops that speak to the questions that people have in these areas of concern. Besides a workshop on the new way of aging, ICD offers a program of the fundamentals of effective human communication. A workshop on poetry reveals the possibilities this powerful language paradigm has to offer. Besides addressing the new realities of our age, the work at ICD guides us in designing strategies for life in order to combat conflict, resignation and hopelessness.
Dr. Keune's Commitment:
I was born in the first half of the 20th century in Germany shortly before the outbreak of WWII. Since then I have seen fundamental changes in the way people live. The experience of war has left me with a determination to live a peaceful life and with the realization that the life we lead is, to a large degree, a product of our skills and efforts. I have worked in factories and spent my career at a university. It has become clear to me that language is the most important tool with which we shape our destiny, whether we use our mother tongue or acquired languages. This powerful tool must be guided by the values we embrace, a respect for life and nature and a commitment to ethically sound principles. Without these, we cannot expect to succeed in the face of the sometimes violent, cultural challenges of the global community. I am committed to work toward cooperation and coordination on the cultural and linguistic level to establish a good life with others.


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