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About Manfred E. Keune, Ph.D

Intercultural Communication and Design

About Manfred E. Keune, Ph.D.

Manfred E. Keune, Ph.D.

Dr. Keune (coy-nuh) retired from The Pennsylvania State University in 1999 where he had been a German Studies professor for 32 years. Besides his ongoing publications of poetry, cultural and literary studies, he created innovations in the design of university-level curricula and courses in the humanities. He continues to work with universities on a consulting and teaching basis.

In the late 1980s, Dr. Keune acquired the skills for ontological coaching after studying with Dr. Fernando Flores, creator of The Ontological Design courses. He also studied with Richard Heckler of the Strozzi Institute in order to add the dimensions of Somatic Coaching to his work. Somatics is the study of the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension of the body as a source of knowing.

Dr. Keune's work utilizes the domain of language as a possibility to transform human lives. He works with the language of literature and everyday communication to release our creative power of design to handle change, conflict and transition more effectively. Dr. Keune sees the greatest challenge of our time in the transformation and maintenance of the self in an ever-changing world.

He works and resides in Centre Hall, PA and Fort Myers, FL

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